5 Ways Sponge YEAH! Will Transform Your Kitchen

Did you know that your kitchen is teeming with bacteria? It’s invisible, but hiding in plain sight is an army of bacteria that rivals your toilet. In fact, one of the worst bacterial havens is your sponge. Gross? Yes. Preventable? Yes. Read on to learn about the clever sponge everyone is switching to for a cleaner kitchen.

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Your Current Sponge is Disgusting

According to a study, 362 different species of bacteria and 45 billion bacteria per square centimeter were found in your average household sponge. Thank goodness Sponge YEAH! is anything but average, and is independently verified not to suffer from some of the same problems as your gross, old sponge. Read on to learn why.


Sponge YEAH! Is Your Lab-Verified Solution to a Cleaner Kitchen

Sponge YEAH! has been independently lab verified to fight the growth of harmful bacteria in and on the sponge. Not only that, but Sponge YEAH! has also been proven to clean better than any flat sponge by holding 3 times the soap and 3 times the water.


Product weight remaining after pressure and scrub test.

Soap & water absorption

Cleaning Power

After submerging sponge in water for 60 seconds

Bacteria Growth

Remove More Grime With Power Grooves™

Innovative patented linear grooves carved into the foam deliver a flexing force that loosen, lifts, and removes stubborn messes with zero mercy. Power Grooves™ flex around hard-to-reach places that wannabe sponges could never dream of competing with.

Lasts 15x Longer With Smart Foam

Sponge YEAH! lasts 15 times longer than regular cellulose sponges by effectively breaking down oil, grease, and other questionable substances, which saves you money!

Dual Scrub Material That Never Scratches

Our scratch-free scrub material is water-activated to adjust its cleaning strength to meet your needs. Rigid in cold water and soft in warm water.


Everyone should experience the magic of Sponge YEAH! Not only will you clean your way to a sparkling, sanitary kitchen, but you’ll have fun doing it. Order your Sponge YEAH! today and experience how satisfying a truly clean kitchen can be.

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“The Power Grooves make cleaning fun and purposeful. I even used the grooves to clean the AC vents in my car. Great design – consider me a customer!”


The Sponge Scrubber with the grooves is great! It picks up so much more than other sponges and stays soapy. Love, love, love these!


The Sponge feels high quality when you start using it. Then you notice that it retains water really well when washing dishes. Great brand. Highly recommend!


I was impressed with how much soap it can hold and how helpful the power grooves are with washing my utensils. The scrubber was able to get off residue on my dishes and make them clean.


These are the best. Used to clean my grill grates (never this clean!). Also the door track to. My patio sliding door, again, amazingly clean. Customer service is second to none, also.